ESTE group was founded in 1987 by Peter Flamend and An Dewulf.  They where joined in 1996 by Pascal Gonzalez and Didier Van de Vyver. In 2008 they combined their ideas and inspirations and founded ESTE architects. The name, ESTE, remains and stands for a synthesis of aesthetics and technique.

The office is located in Brussels and the practice works internationally on cultural, residential and commercial projects.

ESTE architects's work is based upon a solid foundation of giving shape to space, never forgetting the relationship with its environment. Each construction is unique and must be a coherent unity with a straightforward link to its setting. Therefore, before we improve our surroundings we must understand it.

Each project, from the initial concept stage, will be actively followed up by one of the managing partners.We work close together to ensure the best results with program, time and budget control.

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